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Get a 5% Cash Gift Reward
IZOD Approved School Wear items purchased through JCPenney by phone, online, or in store can create a 5% Cash Gift Reward to be donated to your school by IZODed.com to help support student activities. All qualifying IZOD brand apparel purchased at JCPenney from June 4, 2018, to May 7, 2019, are entitled for cash rewards.

4 Easy Steps
How Your School Receives Its
Cash Gift Reward

1) REGISTER - If your school is not yet registered at IZODed.com, you may request registration online at http://www.IZODed.com/Cash or by calling 1-877-301-6400. Schools not registered are not eligible to receive the cash reward.

2) INFORM - Schools registered with IZODed.com will receive printed information and full color brochures or catalogs that may be distributed to the families of their students to describe how the program works and to tell about special savings they'll get when shopping with JCPenney.

3) COLLECT - After purchases have been made at JCPenney, parents are to supply their schools with the original receipts showing the actual purchase of qualifying IZOD products.

4) SEND - Schools may submit batches of receipts they have accumulated as often as they desire to receive the Cash Gift Reward to:

Cash Gift Rewards
10720 W Indian School Rd., #19-214,
Phoenix, AZ, 85037

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2. A 5% Cash Gift Reward based on the actual IZOD School Wear item purchase price for all girls' apparel and boys' solid color shirts, pants, shorts, and vests made through JCPenney by phone, online, or in store is donated to your school by Izoded.com to help support student activities.

3. The IZODed.com Approved School Wear Program is operated and administrated by F&T Apparel, LLC, who is solely responsible for program administration and gift reward funding to schools. All qualifying IZOD brand apparel purchased from June 4, 2018, to May 7, 2019, are entitled for cash rewards. JCPenney, Inc. is not liable in any manner for this promotional cash gift reward offer.

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